Animated Indian flag in pure Css, No Image, No Js.

Animated Indian flag in pure Css, No Image, No Js

I recently posted myntra logo in pure CSS and I got a lot of positive feedback on how I created without using a single piece of an image.

I decided to create another post to celebrate 67th Republic Day of India to explain how I managed to create animated Indian flag in pure CSS. I promise no image or javascript will be harmed during this experiment. lets get started ..

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how to add a Facebook save button to your website.

save to facebook

Many of us have some bookmark extension or google keep or pocket to bookmark important links that you can access later. Recently facebook introduces “Save” button to keep all the links bookmarked. It’s very handy when someone visited your blog/website, they can bookmark your link to facebook so they can read it later, you can be categorized it like photo, links, places, videos etc, Amazing isn’t it.

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Form validation in pure css

The new css3 specification two css selectors :valid and :invalid. These are basically a pseudo-class which can work together with the form input element . Suppose you have an input element to check if a user types something correct or wrong. For checking, you only need to use html5 required attribute. Now with the :valid/:invalid selector you can edit the color of an input field so the user knows if it is correct or wrong.

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