DataTable Responsive (Server side) Part:4

This post is 4th part of a series called Getting Started with Datatable 1.10 .

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Today I will explain how can we make a datatable responsive. If you not aware about responsive design! Please make a visit to Wikipedia, Responsive web design. Meanwhile I have also prepared a demo. Try to open it in different browser on mobile, tablet or desktop.Datatable itself change/break its viewport according to device screen width.

Before proceed you may visit my first post about datatable where I have shown how to initialize datatable.js with server side json data.

For responsive datatable I have added two assets dataTables.responsive.css and dataTables.responsive.js

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/dataTables.responsive.css">
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="js/dataTables.responsive.min.js"></script>

you can enable responsive in your existing datatable by ” responsive: true “.

$(document).ready(function() {
   var dataTable =  $('#employee-grid').DataTable( {
   	responsive: true,   // enable responsive
   	processing: true,
	serverSide: true,
	ajax: "employee-grid-data.php", // json datasource
    } );
} );

Now if you want to customize column details style or markup, you have to call responsive.details.renderer api. By default it will create a ul/li list. Lets change ul-li by


$(document).ready(function() {
   var dataTable =  $('#employee-grid').DataTable( {
   	    responsive: {
		details: {
		    renderer: function ( api, rowIdx ) {
			var data = api.cells( rowIdx, ':hidden' ).eq(0).map( function ( cell ) {
			    var header = $( api.column( cell.column ).header() );
			    return  '<p style="color:#00A">'+header.text()+' : '+api.cell( cell ).data()+'</p>';  // changing details mark up.
			} ).toArray().join('');

			return data ?    $('<table/>').append( data ) :    false;
   	processing: true,
	serverSide: true,
	ajax: "employee-grid-data.php", // json datasource
    } );
} );

You can also define your own break point for your datatable by responsive.breakpoints api.

My server side code is remain same as my first post about datatable. I just added some extra fields in “employee” table.
Just download full code from below and post your feedback in comment section.


  • Jiman Ji

    Hi, its not working on mobile. At least I have expected that only 2-3 column will shown, but all are there with little-little font….unreadable. So its not OK.

  • Jiman Ji

    Because you forgot to put this into the first line:

  • Mariano Alvira

    I get: table id = employee-grid – invalid JSON response…
    I need help since I am an inexperienced programer
    Mariano at

  • Mariano Alvira

    Hello all,

    I was able to figure out why I get an invalid JSON response!

    In the employee-grid-data.php file check the following lines of code:

    // getting total number records without any search
    $sql = “SELECT employee_id”;
    $sql.=” FROM employee1″; //change it to: $sql.=” FROM employee”;
    $query=mysqli_query($conn, $sql) or die(“employee-grid-data.php: get employees”);
    $totalData = mysqli_num_rows($query);
    $totalFiltered = $totalData; // when there is no search parameter then total number rows = total number filtered rows.
    $sql = “SELECT employee_name, employee_salary, employee_position, employee_city, employee_extension, employee_joining_date, employee_age “;
    $sql.=” FROM employee1 WHERE 1=1″; //change it to: $sql.=” FROM employee”;

    There is no table named employee1. It was obviously a ẗypo¨

    Hope it helps some one. This code otherwise is awesome!!!

  • Imran Shah

    Hello Mr. Majumder,
    Could you please provide a demo for DataTable expendable(Server side) where one can retrieve data from MySQL table using PHP and shows only limited values in a row at first place and remaining values should be visible after expand the parent row.
    for example: I have 10 columns in every row of my table but only first 5 are visible on datatable and remaining 5 will be visible after expanding the row.
    Please help me on this.

  • Kevin

    I got this working with using 2.0
    I only have 3 columns, but I added 2 more columns in the html but not in the dB, and it is not working when I reduce to 3 columns, I have to make the screen smaller(less wide) for the plus signs to appear. any ideas? tks

  • Haresh Makdani

    only 9 row add not 10 row add plz help

  • Suraj Phanse

    How can I include export button into this datatable from which I can get PDF, EXCEL files of respective tabel?