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This post is 11th part of a series called Getting Started with Datatable 1.10 .

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Do you know guys that Datatable has been updated to stable version 1.10.7. So I was going through the datatable blog, where I have found a post about “datatable page resize”. It’s nice a usable feature for better user experience, You just drag the bottom bar and resize the datatable height as you need. On the basis of your datatable height datatable will draw request and fetch needed rows.

In this tutorial I have shown the datatable page resize with server side data. So before moving into details please check out demo here. To generate server side data on you can check first part of this tutorial series.

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First I have modified the markup, use a container for the table. Also append a bar to handle drag operation.

<div id="resize_wrapper">
    <table id="employee-grid"  class="display dataTable" cellspacing="0" style="width:100%;" width="100%" >
                <td>Employee name</td>
                <td>Joining date</td>
    <div id="resize_handle">Drag to resize</div>

Now we need add an additional script for page resize, which can be found here

        <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="js/dataTables.pageResize.min.js"></script>

Its time to initialize the dataTable as well as page resize.

    $(document).ready(function() {
        // initialize datatable with custom parameters
        var dataTable =  $('#employee-grid').DataTable( {
            pageResize: true,  // enable page resize
            processing: true,
            serverSide: true,
            ajax: "employee-grid-data.php", // json datasource

As you can see I have added an extra attribute for page resizing.

pageResize: true

Now, we need to configure dragging bar.

    // Resize the demo table container with mouse drag
    var wrapper = $('#resize_wrapper');
    $('#resize_handle').on( 'mousedown', function (e) {
        var mouseStartY = e.pageY;
        var resizeStartHeight = wrapper.height();

            .on( 'mousemove.demo', function (e) {
                var height = resizeStartHeight + (e.pageY - mouseStartY);
                if ( height < 200 ) {
                    height = 200;

                wrapper.height( height );
            } )
            .on( 'mouseup.demo', function (e) {
                $(document).off( 'mousemove.demo mouseup.demo' );
            } );

        return false;
    } );

I just copied above code from the blog. As you can see here, first getting the height of the container (ie, #resize_wrapper) div, onmousemove event of the bar (ie, #resize_handle) we are resizing the table. Make sure you have defined a minimum height for resize. At last onmouseup event we need to stop the resizing.

Its cool and easy, isn’t it? As I have previously mentioned I have found it on dataTable blog, so I thought I should post it here. I am eagerly waiting for your next dataTable tutorial request. Feel free to comment your queries below.


  • Debow

    Could you show an example of how to have a edit button on each row but only show if logged in or only able to edit if logged in? Thanks

  • David Flores

    could you show an example on how to view rows on modal form please

  • saeed

    Please make an example CRUD with datatable php and mysql , how do in line edit plzzzzz

  • Roland Romváry

    I think there is a bug in datatable, or page resize plugin somewhere.
    You can see it in the demo too.
    On the initial load page info shows 12 rows, but actually ther is only 10 rows in the table.
    The first event that recalculates the row number or ends in an ajax call corrests this.
    Could you please give a solution for this?

    • Dawn

      Hi, did you ever get a solution to this, I am having the same issue.

      • Roland Romváry

        I’ve managed to create a workaround.
        You can find it here:
        Datatables forum


        Workaround by calling
        setTimeout( function(){
        }, 0 );
        in the ‘init.dt’ event handler.
        It redraws the table with the correct page size.

        If you find an other solution, please let me know.