DataTable demo (Server side) in Php,Mysql and Ajax Part:1

This post is first part of a series called Getting Started with Datatable 1.10 .

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Grid view is a very important web component in modern web. Sorting, searching, pagination is not a easy job in HTML tables. So many grid view framework out there, DataTable.js is the most popular among them. It is open source, light weighted, highly flexible and customizable, features like AutoFill, inline editor, sticky header, responsive, Supports bootstrap, foundation. In version 1.10 DataTable has changed and improved over version 1.9. An entirely new API is available in DataTables 1.10.
In my blog I will try to explore datatable 1.10. So lets get started with most popular gridview framework in the planet.

In basic initialization datatable provides pagination, sorting, instant searching by loading whole data records at once. It can be a performance issue fetching large amount of data from server side. It will be better if you integrate server side pagination, searching and sorting, so we can break large amount data in chunk, So performance will increase significantly. Before proceed please take a look of the demo.

First i have created a index.php, where I have written html markup and basic initialization. created a table wth id “employee-grid” containing three column “Employee name”, “Salary”, “Age”.

<table id="employee-grid"  cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" class="display" width="100%">
                <th>Employee name</th>

Then add required assets in head which are jquery library, datatable js library and css . You can download them here. You can add directly cdn link of these files from here

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/jquery.dataTables.css">
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="js/jquery.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="js/jquery.dataTables.js"></script>

Now its time to initialize the datatable with your table “employee-grid” . By ajax api we can fetch json the data from employee-grid-data.php and datatble will automatically handle fetched data and append after “thead”.

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" >
    $(document).ready(function() {
        var dataTable = $('#employee-grid').DataTable( {
            "processing": true,
            "serverSide": true,
                url :"employee-grid-data.php", // json datasource
                type: "post",  // method  , by default get
                error: function(){  // error handling
                    $("#employee-grid").append('<tbody class="employee-grid-error"><tr><th colspan="3">No data found in the server</th></tr></tbody>');

        } );
    } );

Datatable send a request to “employee-grid-data.php” with so many parameters like sorting column index, order, search value, start and length/limit and draw number.
So what is draw ? sending request for any operation by datatable is called draw. it send a random number and recieve same same number as draw to ensure that the Ajax returns from server-side requests are drawn in sequence by DataTables.

In firebug or any developers tools you can check sending parameters.

In employee-grid-data.php you can see the parameter by print the Array $_REQUEST, like.

    echo "<pre>";
    echo "</pre>";


    [draw] => 2
    [columns] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [data] => 0
                    [name] => 
                    [searchable] => true
                    [orderable] => true
                    [search] => Array
                            [value] => 
                            [regex] => false


            [1] => Array
                    [data] => 1
                    [name] => 
                    [searchable] => true
                    [orderable] => true
                    [search] => Array
                            [value] => 
                            [regex] => false


            [2] => Array
                    [data] => 2
                    [name] => 
                    [searchable] => true
                    [orderable] => true
                    [search] => Array
                            [value] => 
                            [regex] => false



    [order] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [column] => 0
                    [dir] => asc


    [start] => 0
    [length] => 10
    [search] => Array
            [value] => b
            [regex] => false


Here I have created a columns array which contains database columns according to datatable column index. Because datatable sends only column index.

$columns = array(
// datatable column index  => database column name
    0 =>'employee_name',
    1 => 'employee_salary',
    2=> 'employee_age'

Now we have to create json object which will contain .

  • draw: we send same number which has been send by datatable at time of draw/request.
  • recordsTotal: Total numbers of records in your table.
  • recordsFiltered: Total numbers of filtered records after searching in your table. If you do not perform any search then recordsFiltered will be same as recordsTotal.
  • data: Your fetched records data. You have to fetched the data as per start, length, search value, colomn name and sorting orders parameters. you can download dummy database table from here
$json_data = array(
                "draw"            => intval( $_REQUEST['draw'] ),
                "recordsTotal"    => intval( $totaldata ),
                "recordsFiltered" => intval( $totalfiltered ),
                "data"            => $data
echo json_encode($json_data);

You can download full code from below or improve my code by forking at Github.


  • Cody Franklinn

    Very helpful. Now I want to make this table responsive, can please help me out.

    • Hi Cody thank you. Keep in touch, I will post it shortly.

      • can you upload the css and the js files? i cant download it from the sourch

  • Hello Sailor.Thank you for your comment.

    By “Custom HTTP variables” , you’ll get json data on success, then using jQuery.each you can bind your data to customized dom/html.

    Let me know, your feeback. I will post on my blog about this topic.

    • sailor

      Hi again.. now i have worked a lot with your fine script , but when i add more columns in datatable and make them OR LIKE in search part , it still dont work.. what is the best way to make all fields searchable? Thanks for you example / guides 😀

      • Have you done like this?

        if( !empty($requestData['search']['value']) ) {
        // if there is a search parameter, $requestData['search']['value'] contains search parameter

        $sql.=" AND ( employee_name LIKE '".$requestData['search']['value']."%' ";
        $sql.=" OR employee_salary LIKE '".$requestData['search']['value']."%' ";
        $sql.=" OR employee_age LIKE '".$requestData['search']['value']."%' )";


        this is best way to do. make sure brackets and quotations are exact.

        • sailor

          stupid error from my side 🙂 i forgort this sign ) after the new fields .. thanks a lot

  • Marina

    Hi, Thanks for sharing this code.
    Could you please add an exemple with $query.= JOIN
    and explain how to put 2 values into 1 column : ex : LastName + FirstName,
    I’m stuck with either the 1st point or the 2nd one, or both…
    Thank you

    • Hi Marina Thanks for your comment.

      You can use any join method , but column array have to arrange according join condition.

      Suppose you have 2 tables, employee (Alias e, has column:employee_name) and employee_meta (Alias em, has column: employee_salary, employee_age )

      $columns = array (
      0 =>'e.employee_name',
      1 => 'em.employee_salary',
      2=> 'em.employee_age'

      in answer to 2nd query. you can use mysql concat() function to achieve this.

      • Marina

        Hi Arkaprava.
        Ok thanks for your answer

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  • mksingh

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  • st-claude

    this tutorial is amazing ! 🙂
    Would it be possible to add a chapter about inserting data in this mysql table ?

    (I am a complete noob in ajax but i know some html/php/mysql… )

    thanks a lot !

    • Glad you liked it.

      For “inserting data in this mysql table” you need to learn “how to google anything”.

  • Kavita Sonia

    hey could u please give example how to use fancybox pop out for editing data based on id?

  • Markus Philipp

    Great Tutorial. Unfortunately I get an error running the script: ’employee-grid-data.php: get employees’ It looks like its the first one. I also found out that I needed to use ‘mysqli_connect($servername, $username, $password, $dbname)’ to connect to my database. $mysqli = new mysqli(‘host’, ‘user’, ‘passwort’, ‘datenbank’);

    doesn’t work. Do you have an idea why I get this error: ’employee-grid-data.php: get employees’ ? is working if I exchange the db connection to mysqli_connect …

    • May be you are using older version of php-mysql or using incorrect credentials.

      • Markus Philipp

        I got the database connection now working and the data is in the table if I don’t use your If-Statement. If I use it I get thrown back the last error message ’employee-grid-data.php: get employees’

  • Markus Philipp

    Great Tutorial. Unfortunately I get an error running the script:
    ’employee-grid-data.php: get employees’ It looks like its the first one.
    I also found out that I needed to use ‘mysqli_connect($servername,
    $username, $password, $dbname)’ to connect to my database. $mysqli = new
    mysqli(‘host’, ‘user’, ‘passwort’, ‘datenbank’);

    doesn’t work. Do you have an idea why I get this error: ’employee-grid-data.php: get employees’ ? is working if I exchange the db connection to mysqli_connect …

    • shivani chintawar

      Same here :(. I have tweaked the query to include ORDER BY and LIMIT parameters only if the REQUEST obj has relevant data. but now it shows all the records and pagination, sorting are not working as expected. I am still working on this to understand Datatables better

  • Maneerat Thongchunit

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  • Maneerat Thongchunit

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    • Use like that : employee_name LIKE ‘%”.$requestData[‘search’][‘value’].”%’ “;

  • Maneerat Thongchunit

    I put hyperlink error show “No data found in the server”

    • It may db connection problem or your query does not written properly.

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    • Can you please post your datatable initialization code. May be you have disabled sorting there.

  • Harris Pacpaco

    I have a problem, it says No data found in the server. But already imported the database and no error was occured. I’m using your code. Can you help me to figure what went wrong?

    • Check couple of things.
      1) database connection.
      2) query to fetch the data.
      3) in developers tolls, like firebug, check the request/response.

      • Harris Pacpaco

        Thank you sir, can i add a feature that when i click a row or an item it will give me a form where i can choose if i can edit or update the whole row data?

        • I am working on that. I will let u know soon.

          • Macdonald Chigubhu

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            Thanks in advance

  • Harris Pacpaco

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  • Muhammad Muddassar

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  • wFire

    Thank you for this example! But I have an issue: when I use English (Latin) letters in search field, it’s work fine. But when I try to use Russian letters (my table have the records in Russian language(UTF-8)), filter doesn’t work. Can anybody help me please?

  • Hi, I want to have hyperlink on the ID field and want to pass the ID variable to the URL. How can I do it ? I have somewhat modified code then yours. Presently the hyperlink text is displayed as “undefined” and the url variable is not passed. Here is my index.php file ( and here is my response.php ( Secondly, my search don’t work, please also let me know where I have missed. Can you please guide me? Thanks.

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    – How do you specify / set the “start” field when page 2 is clicked?
    – How does this part of the query work:
    “LIMIT , “?
    I have only seen SQL clauses with “LIMIT ”

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  • Nawa Jt Samas

    Thank you for the demo. I was kindly asking if you could also post a simple tutorial and demo code on how to implement a JOIN query , for example an INNER JOIN query involving 3 tables…. Would really appreciate your help or if you have a sample code and dont mind sharing my email address is , thanks again
    EXAMPLE query



    WHERE L.DESTINATARIO = $destinatario


    • Ugy Astro

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    Hi i tried the code, i am able to see the json data when i load employee-grid-data.php but data is not visible in index.php its always showing data “No data found in server”

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    $sql.=” ORDER BY “. $columns[$requestData[‘order’][0][‘column’]].” “.$requestData[‘order’][0][‘dir’].” LIMIT “.$requestData[‘start’].” ,”.$requestData[‘length’].” “;

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    • According to screenshot you have provided, seems the json data are not proper. Check every row, make sure every row has same numbers of property.

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