Simple way to set up your site to have a mobile app

You can easily set up your responsive website to a mobile like app by defining some simple meta tag in your HTML head. Chrome 39 + browser has an option that generates a shortcut of your site to your phone home screen. When you’ll click that shortcut or launch the app

your web app will open in full-screen mode.

There will no address bar,

There will be a splash screen,

There will no traditional browser actions like history or bookmark,

External link will try open an another browser instance like other general mobile app,

Launched from the home screen will appear in the task switcher separate from the browser,

Web apps will launch and stay in the designated orientation

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What’s New in Bootstrap 4

bootstrap 4

On 19th August, 2015 Bootstrap Team has celebrated their 4th birthday with an announce of alpha release most loved front-end framework of the planet, Bootstrap 4. A framework of choice for many web developers. There is a ton of major changes to Bootstrap 4. So, without any further ado, I am going to dive right into the framework and show you all the new features the bootstrap 4 has to offer.

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Frontend package and dependency management with Bower


You install android or ios application from Google play store or Apple store. Google play store or Apple store are central repository where you can manage your apps like install, uninstall also check dependancy that app will work on Android 2.3 or Android 4.1 etc.

Similarly we have bower to manage front-end dependency. A central repository where almost all popular packages has been stored. We’ll browse for needed package and install/update/uninstall via bower.

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