Datatable TableTools Part:7


In this post I will show how to extend datatable’s functionalty using TableTools extension. There are some cool features you can found as below:

  • Save data as CSV, XLS or PDF
  • Print table data
  • Row selection
  • Copy to clipboard

Before proceed please checkout the demo and make sure you have flash installed in you computer. Table tool has this dependency. Later I will tell you how set up SWF path for flash supports.

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Datatable Custom Loader Part:5


When you are performing multiple ajax call like searching, paginating or sorting , server may takes much time to send response. The purpose of the Datatable custom loader is to show to the user that while the action has not yet completed, the computer is working on their request. As long as the interface clearly indicates to the user that their request was received and is pending, then the UI element has done its job.

By default datatable has a text loader “Processing…”, you can customize the message by…

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