Your First VueJS App


Vue.Js has been gaining a lot of attention since a couple of months. Vue.Js is a data-binding javascript framework that is specifically built for SPAs ie, Single Page Application.

The beauty of creating a SPA application is to provide a desktop like an experience in which the page remains the same throughout the application, no refresh, only the views being changed along with the URL. It’s much faster and smoother than conventional applications.

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Frontend package and dependency management with Bower


You install android or ios application from Google play store or Apple store. Google play store or Apple store are central repository where you can manage your apps like install, uninstall also check dependancy that app will work on Android 2.3 or Android 4.1 etc.

Similarly we have bower to manage front-end dependency. A central repository where almost all popular packages has been stored. We’ll browse for needed package and install/update/uninstall via bower.

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Datatable Page resize


Do you know guys that Datatable has been updated to stable version 1.10.7. So I was going through the datatable blog, where I have found a post about “datatable page resize”. It’s nice a usable feature for better user experience, You just drag the bottom bar and resize the datatable height as you need. On the basis of your datatable height datatable will draw request and fetch needed rows.

In this tutorial I have shown the datatable page resize with server side data. So before moving into details please check out demo here. To generate server side data on you can check first part of this tutorial series.

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