Facebook Like Reaction System

Reaction. Make your like more expressive, as not everything in life is likable.

On mouse over the “like” button, users can now see five more animated emoji with a default “Like” emoji. So say hello to new reactions “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad,” and “angry”.

In this tutorial, we’ll implement Reaction blueprint Using css3 and jQuery. We’ll not integrate any server side part. Means there will not be any ajax call.

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Your First VueJS App


Vue.Js has been gaining a lot of attention since a couple of months. Vue.Js is a data-binding javascript framework that is specifically built for SPAs ie, Single Page Application.

The beauty of creating a SPA application is to provide a desktop like an experience in which the page remains the same throughout the application, no refresh, only the views being changed along with the URL. It’s much faster and smoother than conventional applications.

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